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pigs and pork rea▓ched 11.98▓ yuan per kilogram and 15.7 ▓yuan per kilogram, up 23▓.5 percent and 22.3 percent resp▓ectively

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from the lowest price of 200▓9, but both w▓ere still 12 percent lower compared with the same period of last year.▓"The stockpiling program played a key role in bringing ▓up the price▓s," said Xu.Low prices pushed breeders to cut hog▓ sto


cks. Sta▓tistics from the M▓inistry of Agriculture ind▓icates that in the first half▓ of 2009, the ▓number of sows▓ declined s

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teadily and so did th▓e live hog stocks except for March and April. The decr▓eases in market s

upply also hel▓ped push up the prices.Jing Jizhong, a senior editor with www.zhu/.cn, a pig industry website, said with gov▓ernment policy support

, the sector had begun to profit."I su▓ffered huge losses around April and nearly gave up," s▓aid Ruan Xin, a pig breeder from Binzhou ▓city of Shandong. "Phone calls of demand pour in r▓ecently and I now begin to have s▓ome confid▓ence again."浠婂ぉ▓鎴戜滑鍏堟潵鐪嬩竴鍙ヨ瘽锛氣▓€滃畫鍗庝竴涔濆叓浜屽勾鍗佹湀浜屽?佷竷鏃ュ嚭鐢燂紝灞炵?/p> hat t▓he

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